Zittern: Angst vor Supervulkan Yellowstone wächst wegen Erdbeben in Montana – Massenevakuation wegen Vesuv

Zero Hedge:

„Supervolcano“ Concerns Rise After Montana Hit By Strongest Earthquake In 20 Years

Following a swarm of over 1100 earthquakes recorded in the Yellowstone caldera over the past month, prompting scientists to voice concerns about the dormant Yellowstone „Supervolcano“ slowly waking up, overnight these concerns escalated after a strong M5.8 earthquake hit western Montana early on Thursday morning – the strongest quake to hit the area in the past 20 years.

Auch der Vesuv zeigt daß er lebt.


Mount Vesuvius FIRE: Mass evacuation as blaze RAGES on road to active volcano

A NUMBER of homes, offices, hotels and restaurants have been evacuated after a fire continued to rage on the road to Mount Vesuvius.

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