Das Lügenblatt New York Times behauptet es werde ab jetzt nicht mehr lügen

Dem Lügenblatt New York Times laufen die Käufer davon und die Anzeigenkunden auch. Jetzt gibt das Lügenblatt offen zu ständig über Trump gelogen zu haben.

Zero Hedge:

Liberal Media Turns On Itself As NYT Promises To „Rededicate“ Itself To „Honest“ Reporting

In a letter from its owner and executive editor, the New York Times, a biased media outlet which together with the rest of the liberal press misreported on the presidential race – whether due to conflicts of interest or due to sheer stupidity – from day one, leading to such idiotic forecasts as an 86% probability for Hillary to win as recently as one week ago (contrast with our own prediction):

Arthur Sulzberger, the owner and publisher of the NYT, promised that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election, as it „rededicates“ itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.

To be sure, that would be a vast change from the NYT’s existing coverage of events, even though despite the tacit admission of its failure to account for Trump’s „stunning“ victory, in the same letter Sulzberger also writes that „we believe we reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign.“

No, you did not: you were too worried about losing your advertisers who would complain loudly, and threaten to pull their revenue, if they saw even implicit criticism of Hillary Clinton, which meant non stop explicit criticism of Trump. So why bring it up? Because seapking of the all important top-line, the NYT – already suffering from a collapse in ad revenue – which plunged 18.5% in Q3, desperately needs subscribers to keep paying for its disinformation or else the very future of the NYT is in danger. This is how Sulzberger put it:


Die „New York Times“ hat ihre Leser angeschrieben und versichert, unparteiisch und fair über den nächsten US-Präsidenten Donald Trump zu berichten. Das Schreiben wurde von Herausgeber Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. unterzeichnet.

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