„Erderwärmung“: Satelliten messen falsch – Melden viel zu hohe Temperaturen

Satelliten, die angeblich die „Erderwärmung“ messen, melden falsche, grotesk überhöhte Temperaturen. Zuständige Organisation fürchtet Klagen. Ein Satellit meldet  612 Fahrenheit – Blei schmilzt bei 621, 43 °Fahrenheit –  und bei 212 Fahrenheit kocht Wasser! Wir leben also inmitten von Temperaturen, die enorm viel höher sind als Wasser zum Verdampfen braucht, meldet dieser verrückte Satellit, dessen Daten in die Erderwärmungshysterie einfließen. Andere Satelliten spinnen ebenfalls, melden auch willkürlich falsche und zu hohe Daten.


Top Climate Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal

US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” – temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out.


In an escalating row dubbed ‘Satellitegate’ further evidence proves NOAA knew of these faults for years. World’s top climate scientists and even prior governmental reports cite underfunding and misallocation as the trigger for spiraling satellite data calamities. Key flaws with five satellites undermines global data.

The snuffed out satellite had been run continuously up until being taken offline soon after my article went viral (August 10, 2010) in which I exposed the full extent of how seriously degraded it’s sensors were. The automatic readings had been contaminated by hundreds, if not thousands, of false and absurdly high temperature readings, some as high as 612 degrees Fahrenheit (boiling point of water is 212 F.). We now know NOAA was aware of these outrageous anomalies at least since 2006 but they were not remedied ( see below).

Worryingly, as to how many of its users (mostly international meteorologists and climate researchers) were affected has not beent revealed by NOAA. But we know the automated numbers were sold throughout the world and it’s readings of land and ocean temperatures have been used by climate scientists in their models since the satellite’s launch in September 2000. As a consequence and without full disclosure by NOAA, it is feared innumerable scientific studies about rising global temperatures are now rendered entirely invalid.

It is open to speculation whether NOAA may have been hesitant to admit to long standing faults for fear of a rash of lawsuits from its customers, mainly national governments and university research institutes. Based on such data most scientists agree that our planet may have warmed by 0.6 degrees Centigrade during the 20th century (with a margin of error of 0.5C degrees-but this error margin now looks way off).